Exit The Drinking Life

Welcome to Exit The Drinking Life Podcast, I’m thrilled that you’re here. I’m your host Debi Talbert, retired Flight Attendant, creator of the EXIT Methodology, advocate for living your best and most intentional life, plus an alcohol freedom coach.

I’ve been right where you are right now, feeling stuck and trapped in this drinking life. I never thought I’d find my way out. Alcohol first came into my life to help me feel comfortable fitting in. But as life went on, it grew into my #1 way of coping with life.

I started to fall into the belief that having a drink would rescue me and be the quick fix whenever I felt overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed. Sound familiar? I went from thinking I was broken and would never be fixed to discovering that the root of my struggles was not me… it was my approach!

That’s exactly why I’ve created this podcast. For those of you desiring a change. You’re aware of your drinking habits are something you want to change and you’re ready to put yourself back into the Captain's seat of your life and relationship with alcohol.

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